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Personal, Social and Emotional Development


At Zion, we love to practice our personal, social and emotional skills.
Communication is key, and we encourage the children to talk about feelings, what we like to cook together and the importance of sharing. We support the children to do this by helping them to prepare their own snacks for meal times, playing sharing games and spending time in our role play area.

We encourage communication by exploring our feelings, our likes and dislikes, together as a group.

Sensory Messy Play is something we love to explore, getting hands on with textures and smells.


Expressive Art + Design


Colour, Painting and Crafting is one of our favourite activities, encouraging use of our imaginations, from hand painting to getting sticky, exploring is great fun!

We like to base activities around a Theme exploring different avenues such as taste!


Festivals and Celebrations


We love to celebrate different festivals and celebrations, teaching the children about different cultures.
For example, we have based activities around Bonefire Night, from making sparkly fireworks, to cooking and tasting hot dogs!


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